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Experience a life-changing journey with IRON LIFE, the ultimate personal and leadership growth guide. Discover the transformative roadmap that will lead you to a life filled with love and fulfillment. No matter your title - a leader, parent, aspiring Ironman Triathlete, or simply someone with big dreams - this book will surely strike a chord with you.

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Mike Housey is a purpose-driven business leader, motivational speaker, and professional leadership coach. Mike has an MBA and extensive training from prestigious companies like Gallo, Diageo, and Southern Glazers. His leadership brand has been honed at institutions such as Franklin Covey, Dale Carnegie, and the Center for Creative Leadership. Mike oversaw the sales organization for one of the top five states in one of America's largest privately held companies.

For the past five years, he has helped grow the gross profit margin by 20% and assisted many leaders in advancing their careers and becoming the best version of themselves. He has competed in marathons, adventure races, the Tough Mudder, and Ironman triathlons. Mike's ingrained values and unwavering faith stem from his grandparents, who immigrated to the United States and instilled a strong work ethic in him. Throughout their 31-year marriage, Mike and Marne poured their hearts into raising their three children, displaying unwavering love and resilience in life's challenges. Most notably, Marne's remarkable victory over brain cancer is a testament to their strength and faith.

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  • How to unlock the immense potential within you, for every individual harbors the unyielding strength of iron coursing through their veins.

  • A thought-provoking self-discovery process involving exploring one's vision, values, and path through reflective coaching questions posed by a decorated business executive and Certified Leadership Coach.

  • The practical and transformative H E+R+O™ Lessons provide a framework for becoming your own coach and will improve your life.

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