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What are HERO lessons?

In 2017, a world class trainer from the Battlefield Leadership program introduced many lessons from great military minds, including the success formula: E + R = O (Events + Responses = Outcome). He presented this during a leadership summit that I hosted. The theory states that the outcomes in your life, like feeling generous or greedy, happy or sad, patient or angry, strong or weak, successful or unfulfilled, and love or hate depends on how you respond to life events. If we want to improve the outcomes we receive moving forward, we must immediately begin changing how we respond to the events in our lives. 

I have added my own letter to this success formula for life.  “H” for humility is the missing piece that creates the HERO acronym.  Humility is vital because it is through the lens of humility, the opposite of pride, that we can most accurately observe, learn, and grow. When people don’t like the outcomes, they are experiencing, most choose to blame the “Event” (E) for undesirable “Outcomes” (O). One step toward starting an Iron Life is to write down and evaluate your “Responses” to “Events” in your life.

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